To What Purpose??


For so many years I have worked and sought to come to terms with the very existence of my life. doing what was and is necessary to accomplish the things needed to feel and know satisfaction from my efforts.

My Life has been one of great experience and people that have come and gone like water in a river from the mountains to the sea, and all along I was like a fisherman in a boat pulling in the fish that were either too small to keep, or large enough to feed my soul.  Friends, Lovers, strangers and more… my Children, some who have become strangers and the others who have become the nourishment of my heart.

As a child, music became my crutch, my Saviour, and the man on the cross became the mystery that taught me the hypocrisy of humanity and the lies told by those who would have had me believe that he was the only way when in fact all they wanted was to steal my soul for a hidden evil dressed in his suffering.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love that man on the cross for opening my eyes to the vultures that have fed on his body and suffering,  as the wolves feed upon the weak and feeble of the herd.  Even today as a man I see how the pack of wolves have grown, how the flocks of vultures have populated our world to the point where they are on every branch of the trees, and wolves crouched behind every rock,  waiting to prey on those who are of kind and loving hearts.

To what purpose have we come to this point? To what outcome have we come, perched upon the mountains waiting for what?  The efforts of my life have been for the most part filled with sincerity and love, at times I have sunk to the level of malice and pain to strike out at those who have hurt me only to hurt others as well.  The pain of those I have hurt over the years is like a thorn I will never be able to remove. I carry it with me as a reminder that no one is perfect or without guilt to that point.

There is only one true beauty that will never be lost, our planet, our world, filled with so many creatures that look upon us as we have selfishly destroyed their home by claiming it as our own, as if we were the only ones here.  This world will exist long after our species has fallen to dust and becomes a memory or perhaps not, our memory will be lost as the creatures of this planet go on with there lives relieved and amazed that such a thoughtless animal ever existed.

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