So Begins A Journey – The Winding Road

(Originally written on Feb. 2013)

The winding road is a cryptic, term used to describe a path taken by someone or a journey towards a goal and how hard and easy it is to take that step down the road.  So often in the past I have taken a journey and found so many unbelievable things and people. 
So far the steps I have taken down the most recent path have led me on a journey that has started with no disappointment and with a great sense of  appreciation and acceptance. Both these things have already told me I made the right choice. Many of us have a job or the thing we do in order to live the life we have chosen.

Often that choice is made because of others in our life as well as for ourselves. In the past I have traveled the road as a Musician, which I did for only myself, music is much like a mistress, you court her she muses you, you write her songs she loves you, you play the songs for the love of music and people feel that love within themselves. Being a musician for the love of music almost always leads you down the path of love for and by people.

There are some things I have done in my life solely for myself. Often we forget to nourish our soul and feed our hearts so that they remain strong and capable for the people we love. It’s not fair to rely on those you love and who love you for that sustenance solely. The strength we get from what we do to feed ourselves is often greater than what we get from others. In that way, when we do for others we are more effective and capable of offering more strength in our love.

Most people may think this selfish but if you look closely at the best relationships in life you will find both people have things they do that do not include the other yet in the end give each party strength, so that they can share what they do, more clearly and with no attached need for the other.

Attachement is a tricky word……

More to come on these, and many other thoughts

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