Retail and the State of Humanity (an observation)

If any one had told me 15 years ago that I would be working in the retail industry I would have laughed and told them they were crazy.
Over the last 9 years I have worked in retail in a big box, helping people fiqure out how to fix their problems and their lives. For the most part it has been an interesting experience but as of late things have begun to take a turn. After almost ten years I’m beginning to see an unusual change in people or perhaps they have always been this way and I just never noticed ( but I doubt it). It’s common to find assholes in life, most often they are fairly easy to detect before you talk to them. Lately it seems more and more people are of the mind that the world revolves only around them and their very petty little problems, especially in the world of retail.

 The world has become a hard place for many people who are not use to it being that way. No matter what the Gov or specialists say, the economy sucks and people are beginning not to  buy the lies and not only that, they are just plain scared. Money is tighter than ever. More and more people are trying to get something for nothing and bitching if it doesn’t happen.

 Don’t get the wrong idea, there are a lot of very nice people I help through out the day, and most often they appreciate the help I give them. I find there are still a lot of very nice people in the world, but the existence of very unhappy jerk off assholes, is quickly winning the race.

 Quite often I wait on people who seem preoccupied with their problems and less aware of others around them. It seems almost as if people are walking around in a total daze of denial. I wonder sometimes, if they were to look up out of their fog of confusion, would they find the answers they are looking for.

 There are so many instances where I answer their questions over and over again and more often people seem to negate the answer because it doesn’t fall in to the “is their a cheaper way to do that” mentality.

 Often I walk the aisles of the store finding boxes ripped open and product stuffed back in the box in a hap hazard way or just lying on the shelf out of the box in disarray. Often this happens even if there is a display of the product and a clear picture on the box. No regard or respect for the next person or the needs of other people, I believe, has led humanity in to this state of uncaring and disrespectful behavior.

 The anger level is rising as well, people treat associates as if we should be at there beck and call. Often I find my self in the middle of lifting something heavy and have a customer approach, with no regard to the fact that I may be in the middle of something that needs my concentration to avoid getting hurt, they will still expect me to stop in the middle of holding a heavy object to answer an idiotic question. 

 Then there is the classic person who will approach me while I’m in a conversation with another customer, they will stand impatiently on the sideline with a sense of annoyance as if it is an inconvenience that the other person is being helped and not them. The list of inconsiderate behavior is enormous and the fact that it happens with people of all ages as well as race or gender makes it clear this is a degradation of humanity in toto.

 It’s as if the gates of hell have opened up and those people of weak will and heart have been possessed by the spawn of hell. Demons run rampant on our world and they come from all walks of life and all political persuasion. Like locust they come in to the store and lay waste the aisles of merchandise in their wake.


Perhaps I have worked in the retail business too long, but I have to admit it seems that what I am observing is a world wide phenomenon and the stories I hear coming over the news wires are getting more and more outlandish and horrible.

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