Peeling Back The Years

An Adventure In Demolition ( A work In Progress)


Recently we had a new roof put on our 120 year old log cabin. The cabin was a part of a house we bought 13 years ago and since then we had all the old add-ons torn down and built a new two story house adjoined to the cabin.  The cabin still had the last original roof put on it from a long time ago,  which was red and pitched in many different directions.  After two winters of a couple of heavy snows it became obvious we needed to put the new roof on the cabin. This was the year, the new roof is a single pitched scissor truss which gave the cabin a much higher ceiling than the 8 foot high center and 7 foot edges it originally had. The old ceilings are still in place in the cabin,  Thus it is my job to remove the ceilings and expose the trusses and log walls that have been covered in sheet rock for so many years.

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