Call Me Ishmael


I’ve  always wanted to use that line as a title so what better way than to use it for an About Me page.

My name is John Garza I was born in Texas but raised in the world. Being born somewhere doesn’t mean you’re from there, it simply means you were born there. Too often we tend to identify ourselves with our place of birth and although it is an important event, what happens after your birth is called LIFE.   My life has been spent in many places and with that said I am a person of our world.  As my primary site says I am not the Bass Player or the Congressman or any other person by that name.  I like to think of myself as the original John Garza. With that said John Garza is like John Smith there are a lot of them but only one me.

I am in fact, a musician, singer, songwriter, computer geek, webmaster, photographer, gamer, Father, antiquities nut, petroglyph hunter and many other things.

I am a collector of many things from books to movies, toys to coins, maps and scientific reports and lots of information and data!      This blog is my personal place to write about what I think and know as well as what I feel. If you want to know me just read what I write and you will begin to understand. Oh and by the way you may need to read between the lines.

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