A Difficult Day

  There are some days when you wake up and know that it’s going to be a hard day, and later you realize you were right. Sometimes you tell yourself, it’s so bad it couldn’t get any worse, and then you find out, …it can.
My day started out that way, and as I went to work I felt that uneasy felling of “oh boy it’s going to be one of those days”. I got to work and napped in my car for about 20 minutes as I was feeling pretty tired. When I walked in to work the feeling got stronger and things went pretty much the way I thought they would. If it could go wrong, it did and the demands of my job were more so than usual. Maybe I was just feeling they were, or maybe they just were. As the morning wore on I spoke with one of my frequent customers and he asked how I was, I said I was just having one of those days. He proceeded to tell he had one the other day and imparted that common adage, it can only get better.

   Well, it didn’t. After a time and right at my lunch break I received a frantic call from my wife telling me we had a problem. Our horse had gotten in with the yaks and they killed him! Needless to say I was in horror and disbelief, I was speechless, every emotion possible ran through me all at once and the tears welled up immediately. Our horse Seven was one of the most intelligent, sensitive, kind and gentle horses I have ever known and seeing that I had managed a Thoroughbred ranch I have known and seen a great deal of Horses. He was also a very beautiful horse, Seven was gone, in a flash of eternity his spirit had ceased to exist.

   I left work telling them I had to go home, and on the way all the “why didn’t I’s” went through me, all the “what was the point in this senseless loss” feelings ran through me. Most of all the fact that my seven year old daughter who’s horse it was, had no idea what had happened, weighed like a ton of rock on my head, the feeling that Seven must have felt when the yaks gored him, ran through every fiber of my being.

   When I got home I went straight to my studio and got my rifle, I was bent on killing the animals that had killed such a gentle soul. Of course the rage and anger was driving me at that point. As I went to see Sevens body, it became apparent he had pushed the fence down and went in to their pen to get at their hay. And it hit me, the one short coming Seven had, was the cause of his demise.

   Seven was so intelligent he could open any gate or door we had. He got in to the hay barn a couple of times by lifting the latch and pushing it open. The one thing about Seven was he loved to eat. It didn’t matter if there was plenty of grass to eat, if there was hay he would bend over a fence to get at it. It was obvious that this one thing about him had gotten him killed.

   Life is full of things we don’t understand, but it can be that one obvious thing about someone or something that we fail to see could be important to pay attention to. We will miss Seven, he had become part of our family, from calling to us over the  back fence behind the house, to opening the front door to let us know he wanted to be let out of the yard. He was not just a horse, he was a person in a Horses body. Most of all, he was our friend! Yes, today has been a difficult day. I pray tomorrow will be better.

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